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This Content is Not for You…

This is one of the things that I really dislike about Facebook and a good example of how the web was never intended to work. A client sent me a video and I clicked the link. Rather unsurprisingly, it… continue reading

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  • Social Media & Society

    I‘m not really surprised anymore about such things, but these news seem to be coming more frequently these days. I came across these two articles t… more

  • A Change is Coming

    Recently I have come across quite a few articles that I found very interesting, in a way that they provide somewhat of an optimistic outlook for our… more

  • For the Open Web

    I’ ve been speaking to various people and friends quite a bit about how the web is going in a direction that to me doesn’t seem sustainable in the lon… more

  • Tech Reputation

    Especially in light of the previous note, I came across this article. I have to admit that I’m a little surprised about the extent of the change in r… more

  • Personal Views from Team Colloq

    After we have launched Colloq this week, our new platform for conferences, speakers and attendees, everyone from the team posted their personal… more

  • Deleting multiple GIT branches

    One thing I always came across, but then never really looked into, was deleting multiple GIT branches at once. Usually this has never been a big… more

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